Guiding Principles

All principles are based on the Area Development Plan (ARP) and the 5th Avenue NW Urban Design Concept drafted in 2012 by The City and the Community Association.

building/site faÇade

1.Respect street character and evolution

  1. • Street oriented

  2. • Setbacks from street and lanes = 0m

  3. • Maximum height is 20m

Density and Discretionary use

2.Promote a vibrant and interesting place

  1. • Medium density, mid-rise residential

  2. • Max FAR* is 4

  3. • Limited small commercial uses on ground floor

  4. *FAR is the ratio of a building's total floor area (gross floor area) to the size of the piece of land upon which it is built. Higher ratios imply more dense developments.


3.Promote transportation safety and choice

  1. • No minimum for pure multi-residential

  2. • 1 vehicle access point from 11 OR 11A Street

  3. • Part of the City’s plan for 5th Ave NW involves increased pedestrian comfort with an improved pedestrian realm and a safe and clear bike corridor

  4. *Keep in mind that this is a Transit-Oriented Development site, that is an ~5 min walk away from an LRT station and a couple minutes walk away from several bus routes

Park-Public interface

4.Promote harmony with the park and public space

  1. • Want a less “bleak” transition from park to the site

  2. • This will contribute to the safety and vibrancy of the area


feedback outline

The following diagram outlines how your feedback is used.


we invite you to respond to these principles by registering for open house sessions. Please visit the link below to register.